Bootcamp Day 3

Fitness Business Bootcamp Day 3

Today we are going to focus on the DESIGN phase of your online fitness business.

I will explain what visual identity is and what should be included in your identity, how to layout initial web page wireframes that lead the visitor to a call to action, then how to apply your visual identity to these wireframe layouts to produce a completed web page design.

Complete Training System to Start an Online Fitness Business
FitPro MasterCourse is the ONLY complete fitness business training system that guides you through every step of the business-building process. You will learn everything you need to Create, Design, Build, Market, and Grow an online fitness business.

By the end of the course, you will have a complete online fitness business … GUARANTEED!

Stage One is the CREATE phase where you will Focus on defining your business, building a strong product, and developing a brand that people trust.
Stage Two is the DESIGN phase where you will design your logo, style guide, web pages, lead capture pages, training guides, and video content.
Stage three is the BUILD phase where you will launch your website platform, set up your web host, build your website, create online submission forms, protect your content, and embed your videos.
The final stage is the GROW phase, where you will learn how to promote your business on social media, create paid ad campaigns, and use email marketing to develop a following and generate sales.
With FitPro MasterCourse You Will Learn How To …
Stage One: CREATE
  • Define Your Business
  • Program Your Workouts
  • Setup Your Fitness Programs
  • Build Your Sitemap
  • Develop Your Brand
Stage Two: DESIGN
  • Design Your Logo
  • Create Your Style Guide
  • Build Page Layouts & Wireframes
  • Design Web Pages
  • Prepare Pages For Development
  • Design Training Guides
  • Design Lead Capture Pages
  • Create Video Content
  • Edit Your Videos
Stage Three: BUILD
  • Setup Your Website Platform
  • Setup Your Web Host
  • Add Your Custom Domain
  • Secure Your Website
  • Install Your Theme
  • Install Your Plugins
  • Build Web Pages
  • Create Page Templates
  • Build Your Navigation Menu
  • Build Lead Capture Forms
  • Protect Your Content
  • Create Memberships
  • Accept & Process Payments
  • Embed Your Videos
Stage Four: GROW
  • Setup Social Media Marketing
  • Schedule Your Posts
  • Setup Email Marketing
  • Create Email Campaigns
  • Launch Ad Campaigns
  • Expand & Scale Your Business